Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lacy Crochet Earrings and Nacklace set in silver - circles with floral motif

Today I will introduce you
a earrings and naclace set 
For their construction will be needed:
- yarn, I used 100% viscose
- hooks 2,5mm
- 5 plastic circle
- Fasteners for earrings
- 5 small circles that connect elements of the necklace and ribbon
- ribbon 1 meter
 Begin to crochet onto plastic circle
Crochet earrings to the third row. Only the middle ring of the necklace I crochet the last row

Once finished the five elements connecting them with small metal rings and put fasteners for earrings
Now you have some unique earrings and nacklace

If you want you can buy ready-made earrings and nacklace set from my shop. Or order in the color you want veliilieva etsy shop

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