Monday, August 1, 2011

Crochet women blouse in pumkin orange

Today I will introduce you
a blouse with floral motif
I used 60% viscose 40% acrylic yarnand hook 3.5mm

First I started whith 2 big flowers. 
They will stay at the top of the shoulder.
Then crocheted eight medium-sized flowers. As with the last line of each flower to attach it already crochet. For large flowers should get a two on each side with an average size. Then I crochet last 4 flowers and attach it one at eacc end. 
We now have two strips of flowers. Crochet them on both side. So the top of the blouse is now ready. 

Now that connect the two strips crochet around the bottom of the blouse in a circle
When you're done if you want put rope around the waist and I put two balls to end
This is my finished shirt 
If you want you can buy ready-made blouse from my shop. Or order in the color you want veliilieva etsy shop

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  1. wow this is really good! I've been trying to find a pattern for this top! Great Job and thank you!