Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Easter eggs painted with beeswax


Today I will introduce you a method for decorating Easter eggs which soon learned in the Historical Museum of Velingrad Bulgaria
To start you need:
- Well cooled boiled egg
- Beeswax
- candle

- Paint eggs
- This special tool which is placed beeswax and heat of the candles can be painted on the egg 

 Advance if you want you can draw from our selected drawing on paper to see how it would seem our egg. Then start painting on the egg. When you decide that you're ready to decorate your egg soak in the dye for eggs
Once it is painted to remove beeswax. Bringing the egg by the fire side to melt the wax and wiping with napkin. Careful not to put the egg on the flame itself to not become black.
Another way to make the color like paint your egg and  with paint and top with beeswax and then paint in the paint for eggs.
After removal of beeswax color underneath will be reserved

 This is my first attempt at painting with beeswax on the egg

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